Did you know?

* I only watch awards shows for the clothing. I could really care less who wins.

* Sometimes I get so excited when I am telling a story that I have to stop. Take a breath. And continue.

* I watch way too much T.V. The only problem with this is that when we watch a show like, say, Criminal Minds, I always know who the killer is within 15 minutes. It has made my T.V watching a bit of a drag lately.

* I am completely scared I am going to screw up at my new job.

* You wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I am a crazy fan of Star Wars. When Mr. Delightfully Sweet and I first met I made him sit through all of the movies.

* That also goes for the Lord of the Rings. Poor, poor Mr. Delightfully Sweet!

* I am an incessant list maker. I love making a good list and being able to cross things off. It feels like I have actually accomplished something just by seeing it on paper.

* My google reader is out of control. The only problem is that I can’t seem to delete anyone…I enjoy each and every blog that I read.

* I am hoping the new blog design will get me back into the groove of blogging. I fear that I have been away too long.

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